100mg Freebase Unflavoured Nicotine


100mg Freebase Unflavoured Nicotine

Premium high-quality freebase nicotine shipped directly from New Zealand. Unflavoured nicotine is ideal for personalizing the nicotine strength of the juices you enjoy. Enjoy your very own nicotine e-juice by adding the nicotine directly into the e-juice of your choice.


Choose from two options, VG and PG based 100mg nicotine. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) base creates a smoother throat hit than PG (Propylene Glycol), though the consistency is a lot thicker and requires a thorough mixing.


Package Includes

  • – 1x Unflavoured Nicotine Bottle
  • – 1x Formula Card Printed on the bottle
    Nicotine Strength: 100mg
    Size: 100mL

AU $35.00 $30.00


Warning: Do not vape unflavoured nicotine salts as it is, it must be diluted first. Wear gloves while mixing and wash immediately if there is skin contact. Please take precautions before mixing your own liquids as it can be harmful when used inappropriately. In the event of ingestion, please contact your local Poisons Information Centre. If skin contact occurs, please wash out immediately with soap and water. Regardless, please seek help if you feel unwell or irritation occurs.

·        Poisons Information Centre Australia: 13 11 26

·        Poisons Information Centre New Zealand: 0800 764 766


At Nicotine Juice Express, our dedicated team aims to provide you with a fast and easy avenue to create your own DIY nicotine e-juice. Our nicotine e-liquid doesn’t leave behind a foul throat hit while retaining the flavour of the original e-liquid. We have the option between VG and PG based nicotine, both in 100mg strength.

Handling nicotine as mentioned above should be done with disposable gloves and measuring syringes. This is to minimise the chance of skin contact and inaccurate dosages. Nicotine should ideally be stored in the refrigerator/freezer to preserve its lifespan, however, a cool place out of sunlight is fine. Please store the nicotine separately in the refrigerator, such as in a box to avoid contamination and away from children/pets.

Please follow the following and included chart for mixing nicotine as mishandling can potentially cause harm.


Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg

100mg VG Base, 100mg PG Base

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