WHY Vape ? and What is Nicotine eLiquid ?

Initially, people believe that the main reason for smoking was to continue getting your nicotine fixed without the harmful tobacco smoke. eLiquid solutions are then introduced in varying concentrations so as to satisfy the needs of different smokers. Those people that smoke multiple packs on daily basis prefer to use a high concentration of nicotine solution while individuals who smoked less chose the lighter nicotine solutions. Recently, there has been an introduction of zero nicotine solutions so that people can vape their choice so as to satisfy their nicotine craving.

The most interesting thing is that aside the nicotine addiction, the smokers are also used to holding the cigarette and taking regular drags. Thus if they suddenly decide to quit smoking, they would feel restless if their hands are not involved in the same kind of motions. The reaction of occasional smokers are the same, even if they are not addicted to cigarettes or nicotine, occasional smokers would feel the need to do something with their hands whenever they are not holding cigarette.

Several people likewise vape eLiquid with no nicotine because it helps them to relax, even though they are not getting a throat hit from the nicotine, the hand to mouth ritual is enough to keep them calm. Other people likewise vape nicotine eLiquid because of its benefit to their body system, some of which include:

  1. Health

One of the obvious benefits of vaping is that it lowers health risk. For individuals that like consuming nicotine or engage in the physical act of smoking, such individual might prefer smoking to abstinence, even with the high cost. But vaping as well as the use of other smoke free products is better and provide the same benefit without any adverse effect. The evidence that tobacco products that are free from smoke have low risk is based mainly on the health cost. The evidence that smoke-free tobacco products are low risk is based on research on the usage of tobacco. Despite the myths surrounding this, extensive epidemiology shows that smokeless tobacco causes no detectable risk for any disease. This does not imply that it is completely harmless but the risk is very minimal. Although, there is no epidemiology backing about the long-term use because the product is changing constantly but we have ample evidence to be confident of the low risk i.e. the evidence about the low risks of smoke-free nicotine from smokeless tobacco. The exposure from vaping revealed that there is a reduction in the contaminant that is taken in and this draw us to the conclusion that vaping is less harmful to our body system. We also have further reassurance about this conclusion from the real-world experience of hundreds of thousand vapers who have used the products for years and the study shows that they do not experience the acute effect which most smokers’ experience. The net risk from all the products is so close to zero that substituting them for smoking reduces risk as effectively as not using tobacco at all.


  1. Flavors

The availability of several interesting e-liquid flavors make people to enjoy vaping, which is welfare improving in itself. Moreover, several vapers find that attractive flavors are essential for quitting smoking. E-cigarette which try to imitate the taste of smoking which include a large portion of cigalikes, usually do a convincing job. This will leave several smokers feeling that e-cigarettes are an altogether inferior substitute. We might like to think that only the health benefit alone would overcome that but most people do not act based on that. Ex-smokers who tried to switch to e-cigarettes but kept returning to smoking often report that finding an alternative flavor that they liked was what made vaping better than smoking, resulting in their complete switch. Moreover, after using flavors that does not resemble tobacco smoke for a few months, most vapers who try a cigarette reported that the taste was terrible and does not consider switching back. There is a common myth that the attractive flavors are designed to attract young consumers but there is no evidence to back this. There is however, overwhelming evidence that adult vapers prefer interesting flavors and that many people stop smoking because of them.

  1. Aesthetics

E-cigarettes do not produce any odour and residue like smoking cigarette. Someone who is vaping politely and efficiently will exhale almost none of the vapour and there is sidestream emission like the one gotten from a smoking cigarette tip. Thus, the emissions are minimally invasive and also have no harmful effect on the body. Most of the non-users find the smell of nearby vaping to be pleasant mildly and this is as a result of the e-juice flavours, unlike most nonsmokers’ opinions of the smell of nearby smoking or the outgassing from the clothes of a smoker. In some places, vaping might be obtrusive but in bars, offices as well as other places where people want to vape, it is better than holding a cup of coffee or eating.

  1. Convenience

Thanks to the minimal aesthetic impact as well as lack of health impact on bystanders, vaping is socially acceptable in several places where smoking is not. Also, a big advantage is that you do not need to step out from an office or bar to vape, and it also serve as a great motivation for many smokers deciding to try e-cigarettes. Additionally, the option of quickly pulling out an e-cigarette and taking one or two puffs delivering only as much nicotine as is desired at the moment. Rather than having to light and smoke a whole cigarette, it offers substantial benefits for many people.

  1. No Addiction

Although, there is more to be learned about the addiction, it appears that vaping is less captivating than smoking. Several ex-smokers who thought they would never manage to quit smoking have switched to vaping and later observed that they could either take it or leave it or abstain for a long duration. They usually choose vaping because they like it and also know it has less risk for their body, but have the feeling that it can be stopped whenever they desire. Most of the experienced vapers report that they have substantially reduced their total nicotine intake, starting out high while quitting smoking but offer less after vaping for some ti