Which Strength Of E-Liquid Is Suitable For Me?

The Nicotine comes in 5 different strengths, Zero (0mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg), Very High (24mg). Ordering the right strength nicotine is super important because it’s going to ensure a smooth transition over to vaping. The strength of the nicotine you should choose depends on your previous smoking habits. This is a rough guide:

Low Strength (6mg) – Ideal for social smokers and people who smoke occasionally. Gives a mild, pleasant nicotine hit.

Medium Strength (12mg) – This is easily our most popular nicotine strength as it provides a robust throat hit but doesn’t overshadow the taste of our flavours at all. Suitable for those smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

High Strength (18mg) – Ideal for smokers who are closer to a pack of cigarettes a day. The throat hit is pretty strong here so only recommended for relatively heavy smokers.

Very High Strength (24mg) – Suitable for Long-Term Heavy smokers who are a smoking more than a pack a day frequently. Regular smokers will find this strength overpowering so unless you’re in this category this strength definitely isn’t for you.

Usually the ideal strength for you does take a little experimentation and if you’re new to vaping then it won’t take long to establish what works for you. When you get the right mix, you can always order 2 different strengths of the same liquid and mix your perfect balance of nicotine. This is really simple and can also be used to reduce nicotine levels.